Sometimes romantic and playful, sometimes historical

Single Room

"Fischerhaus" or "Klostermühle"

Our single rooms have the following features:

  • They are approximately 15 m² in size.
  • The single rooms in the “Klostermühle” do not have direct access to the spa area.
  • The single rooms in the “Fischerhaus” are directly connected to the spa area and the “Finckenlounge” breakfast restaurant via a tunnel.

* Please note that pets are not permitted in the hotel rooms.
Accommodation is only possible in our holiday apartments and houses and must be registered. The price is EUR 30.00 per day/animal (without food).

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Rooms & Suites

What makes it special is, on the one hand, its extraordinary architecture, a combination of history and modernity. On the other hand, our rooms and suites differ in their furnishings.

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Holiday homes & Apartments

You check in opposite Lake Madlitz and then stay in one of our individually designed holiday homes or holiday apartments.