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Philosophy & Sustainability

Our slogan says it all. As an owner-managed individual hotel in the middle of the forest on the beautiful Madlitzer Lake, we live the architect Walter Brune's idea every day and constantly develop it further. His vision was to build buildings made from natural materials, integrated into nature and blending unobtrusively into the overall picture. The idea was to create a place to slow down, a place of well-being, a second home for guests from all over the world. Gut Klostermühle is not a classic hotel and holiday home complex, it is a composition with character. Many individual buildings, each individually designed and lovingly restored, create this unique overall picture in the middle of the Madlitz Falkenhagen Lake District.

Not only do we work in the middle of nature, we also particularly enjoy the changes and play of colors of the changing seasons. That's what makes this place so special for our guests - no two days are the same. In order to preserve this uniqueness and make our contribution to overcoming the major ecological challenges, it is a matter close to our hearts to operate sustainably. We have already implemented a lot, but there is still a lot ahead of us. Together with our employees and our guests, we are continually working to sustainably combine tourism, business and ecology. We expect that through our actions, future generations will also be able to find and enjoy an intact ecosystem with all its biodiversity in this place

Economic Responsibility

Sustainability is important to us. There are three wells on our premises, the water from which is treated in a drinking water filter system. Since the opening of our hotel, we have been operating a fully biological wastewater treatment plant using the SBR process. We generate our heating energy primarily through a wood chip system in district heating operation. Solar panels are also installed on several holiday homes and our outdoor pool is heated with solar energy. We offer guests who arrive by train a shuttle service to the hotel. We rent bicycles for a car-free exploration of the Oder-Spree Lake District and offer charging options for electric cars. LED lamps, water-saving fittings and a waste separation system are standard in our facility. Guest communication takes place digitally, as does internal departmental communication. We also rely on upcycling our furniture and regularly raise awareness among our employees about sustainable behavior. Our investment planning is always carried out under ecological aspects - because we strive to make a positive contribution to environmental protection.

Social Responsibility

At our hotel we are proud to be a training company with passion. We attach great importance to the well-being of our employees and offer numerous benefits, including collective wages, employee participation in improvement processes and jointly developed guidelines for good, collaborative work. We also use regional trees and bushes to plant our facility and have already created two flowering meadows with insect hotels. An established system for corporate health management in the hotel as well as the support of local facilities for children and young people are a matter of course for us. We consciously forego a minibar, daily room cleaning and air conditioning in our hotel rooms in order to reduce our carbon footprint. We also source regional vegetables from an organic farmer in the neighboring town and clean and maintain our equipment regularly to save energy. We actively inform our guests about our environmental protection measures and inspire them to make their own contribution to environmental protection during their stay.

Think Green - your contribution

Sustainability and environmental protection are our top priority. If you travel by train, we will be happy to pick you up from Briesen train station. Charging stations are available for electric car drivers. You can also travel CO2-neutrally on foot or by bike - the Brandenburg Way of St. James leads directly through our beautiful estate. In order to conserve resources, we clean the hotel rooms every other day and ask you to avoid changing towels early. Please separate your garbage in the designated containers and ventilate your room daily. When leaving the room, please remove your hotel key card from the light slot to save energy. And please do not throw rubbish into nature - we believe in a clean environment. We obtain your drinking water from two drinking water fountains with filter systems on our premises. Together we contribute to protecting our environment and preserving nature.

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Rooms & Suites

What makes it special is, on the one hand, its extraordinary architecture, a combination of history and modernity. On the other hand, our rooms and suites differ in their furnishings.

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Holiday homes & Apartments

You check in opposite Lake Madlitz and then stay in one of our individually designed holiday homes or holiday apartments.